Alzheimer's Society: Arts and Dementia in TAnDem

The Alzheimer’s Society has funded 8 Doctoral Training Centres in various aspects of dementia to help to increase research knowledge and capacity in this vital area. TAnDem is the name of the Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) that has been funded to focus on studying The Arts and Dementia. It is a partnership between the Association for Dementia Studies at the University of Worcester and the Centre for Dementia, University of Nottingham.

Congratulations to the Creative Minds Programme

Congratulations to the Creative Minds Programme, which has won the Compassionate Care category at the HSJ awards.The Creative Minds programme, at the South West Yorkshire Foundation Trust, co-funds arts, sports, recreation and leisure projects to help recover. It has helped thousands of local people increase confidence, develop social skills and reach their potential.

Dementia and Imagination Project

Dementia and Imagination is a large scale study exploring the role of visual art in dementia friendly communities.There are several work packages to this study looking at the financial, social or community benefits to taking part in visual arts programmes. We will also be looking at ways our research can inform policy, as well as engagement and the wider impact of our study. Dementia and Imagination also includes 3 research artists who will explore the research through their own practice.

Seminars at the Oxford Institute of Populating Ageing

A new term brings a new series of seminars at the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing (66 Banbury Road, OX2 6PR).

- 'Norms, Values and Theories' taking place on Wednesdays at 12.30-2pm;

- Drivers and Consequences of Population Ageing in Central and Eastern Europe' taking place on Thursdays at 12.30-2pm.

Please visit the OIPA website for further details. All seminars are open to the public!

The European Reminiscence Network (ERN)

The European Reminiscence Network (ERN) aims to promote best practice in reminiscence arts work and to share experience across national frontiers. Co-ordinated since 1993 by Pam Schweitzer the ERN has 20 international members. Our most recent scheme has involved partners in 12 countries running reminiscence arts schemes for people with dementia and their family carers to attend together